Monday, February 3, 2014

You belong with me - The Mingle hunt

Since the day i knew about the mingle hunt i got really exited, why? well, simply because of the stores that were previously announced that would be participating, some of them come to be my fave stores, currently, so how could it get better when you have great quality stores giving away free stuff, right?! so i got all my facebook friends reading obsessive status about the hunt, a few of them inboxed and even IM'd me inworld to ask me what the hell i was talking about, so here is for all the lost kids.

The mingle hunt is...well a hunt! but not your average hunt. It starts when you arrive to the info room, in that moment you'll receive two items: a notecard with instructions and a hud wich is a clue/quest giver; if by any means you must log off or crash the hud will save the completed quest, so you are safe. I recommend that by the time you arrive, to tp a friend, partner, lover, or someone you secretly like, someone you dont really like or an enemy could be really awkward because who wants to go through the love tunnel with such a psyco, no?

So via text message on your hud phone (oh yeah cause you will get a free iphone) different creators and designers will give you advice on how to get to that sexy beast's heart... sometimes you wont get really good advices, like tattoing your crush's initial for example. You must come with a clean cache to avoid crashing ( it worked for me, maybe your computer isnt much of a party pooper like mine) After you complete the 20 tasks you will be invited to a party uptown where is the auction and the free gift away held at, do not remove your hud, this is where the scripts will collect your hunt info from and will allow you to get the gifts (yes i found this location before time and tried to get the gifts without doing the whole thing and didnt work, be good people!) So thats basically it, a great way to meet people and disobey your parents by talking to strangers, after you are done you can go back to your cave and continue your Gohlum life with all your precious,  like i did.

Of course i ran back home to the family room and locked the door so my nosey big sister couldnt see what i was planning to do, wich was lighting up my rose candle and snacking to get in the mood to do a few love letters for, all the One Direction members, my best friend's brother, boys from school, neighbors...So all the goodies you see here are the rewards i got from leaving the house and sandboxes.

I hope you all go and be part of this, its such a great way to get freebies and have fun, if you need help or someone to do the hunt with you, just ask a stranger, or IM me, who knows, maybe we can take pictures for over 30 seconds.

Hodgedog: Half Deer
Teddy: Ohmai
Art set: Boogers
Scrabble frame: Your favorite one
Cookies: Imeka
Rose candle: Schenfraude
Messy notebooks and pencils: Floorplan
Pillow: Noodles

On me:
Skin: Pink fuel
Hair: Friday -no longer available -
Shirt: Erratic (mingle gift)
Skirt: Shabby Cat
Tights and socks: Izzie's
Glasses: Steffen Garcia (mingle gift)
Jewelry: Cae (mingle gift)

 (Dad, mom, if you are reading this, maybe you will need to get those weapons ready, cause i did touch guys and girls , even married ones, but i used sanitizer after each one tho.)

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